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About Me

I was a miserable Christian for many years before really investigating my beliefs. What I found was both disturbing and liberating. I lived so long with the belief that there was a loving and omniscient god, and that the Holy Bible was his sacred word. But thanks to the exhaustive research I undertook to discover the truth, I no longer hold that belief. But I don’t like to accept the label of “Atheist” because it can have negative connotations, thanks in part to the morons who’ve adopted the label to proselytize the “religion” of atheism.

I simply reject the beliefs and tenets of religion, just as the religious are free to reject beliefs contrary to their own. I don’t want to “convert” anyone. I’m simply expressing my views and imploring others to seek the truth for themselves. Don’t be afraid to question your beliefs and really explore the alternatives. If your beliefs are solid then you have nothing to fear by challenging them. And above all, keep an open mind.

Remember, as staunchly as you hold on to your beliefs, there are others who vehemently disagree with you and can back up their beliefs with just as much “evidence.” That’s the problem with religion–there are seemingly many truths. So which one do you believe? The only truth I have now come to accept, and find comfort in, is the truth that there is no god. There is no heaven, no hell, no devil, and no eternal life.

And I think that’s marvelous!


1. philip - June 24, 2012

“the end of religion” by bruxy cavey

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